Dennis Larkins

After graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute and establishing a painting career in Santa Fe, NM, Dennis Larkins also gained recognition in 1970's San Francisco, designing and painting monumental backdrops for legendary rock promoter Bill Graham's "Day on the Green" concert series. Artists from Led Zeppelin to The Eagles to The Rolling Stones performed in front of Dennis' monolithic designs, products of an experimental time.


Since then, Dennis has created a large, eclectic body of work, from graphic design and illustration for the Grateful Dead to theme designs for Walt Disney Imagineering, Warner Bros., MCA/Universal and Sega GameWorks, to name but a few. 


In addition, through the personal vision of his fine art career, Dennis explores the collective unconscious with retro-pop surrealist imagery, blending traditional painting techniques with sculpted, three-dimensional relief to create disturbingly immersive microcosms constructed in layers of metaphor.